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Do you see an opportunity to refer other individuals to Silvasoft? Then you can generate additional revenue with our lucrative affiliate program. On our affiliate dashboard, you can choose your desired compensation model.

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More information & FAQ

Below you can read about which reimbursement models Silvasoft offers. Do you expect to bring in large numbers of customers? If so, we can discuss a custom reimbursement model with you.

Model 1: monthly recurring fee based on customer sales (revenue share)
With this model, you will receive 20% of monthly customer sales each month. You will receive this every month, for every customer you bring on, as long as the customer is active as a customer within Silvasoft. Fees are approved each month when the customer has paid for their agreement.

Model 2: fixed fee per customer brought in
With this model you will receive a reimbursement of €75 for each customer introduced. The compensation is approved when the customer has been a paying customer of Silvasoft for at least 3 months.

Model 3: fixed fee per lead brought in (trial user)
This model is only available by arrangement and for selected affiliate partners. This model allows you to receive a fixed fee for each lead (trial user) you bring to Silvasoft.

Custom model?
Are you open to becoming an affiliate but do not agree with the above models? Then contact us with your explanation. We will be happy to see if a customized appointment can be made!

Signing up for our affiliate program will give you access to a personal affiliate dashboard. On this dashboard you can find how to refer customers to Silvasoft. This works through a unique URL that you can use. All visitors who land on Silvasoft’s website through that URL will be linked directly to your affiliate account.

We use a measurement period of 90 days. This means that if a visitor comes to our website via your link but immediately leaves again, they will remain linked to your affiliate account for up to 90 days. So a visitor who comes in through your link, then leaves to think about it and comes back a week later is of course just counted!

Silvasoft has developed its own affiliate dashboard so that you can access your affiliate statistics anytime, anywhere (as long as you have internet). Within this portal, you have access to a personal dashboard, where you can instantly see all statistics and fees. You can also change your compensation model (for future trial users or customers) or request a payout from that dashboard. In addition, from the dashboard you can open a fee detail overview, where you can see exactly which fees are all pending, approved or paid out.
You can request a payout from €75 in fees earned. Payouts are handled every month.
Sign up for our affiliate program using the form to the right of this screen. Once we have received and processed your application, you will be given access to your personal affiliate dashboard. Usually you will get access to the affiliate dashboard within a few hours of signing up.
Are you already a Silvasoft customer and want to access our affiliate dashboard from your existing Silvasoft user? You can use the menu: ‘Manage > Affiliate dashboard’ to configure your affiliate profile yourself. Do you not see this menu item? Then contact our helpdesk so we can activate it for you!
Silvasoft offers progressive business software at an attractive rate. Our modular structure allows our customers to get started cheaply and easily. Silvasoft grows along with the business and the customer only pays for what he uses in terms of modules. In recent years, Silvasoft has built a good name and reputation among entrepreneurs, in both the Netherlands and Belgium!
Sophisticated fraud checks are performed on the authenticity of the leads (trial users) and customers you bring in. If fraud is detected, your account will be blocked and payouts will be stopped immediately. Signing yourself up through your own affiliate URL (i.e., earning yourself from becoming your own customer) will also be frowned upon.
Download promotional materials (banners, logos, etc.) from Silvasoft using the link below. You can use these to place a banner on your website, for example. Do you need promotional material in other dimensions? Contact us and we will be happy to see if we can provide something suitable!

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Do you already have an account with Silvasoft?
Then you can sign up through the menu: Manage > Affiliate dashboard. If you do not see that menu you can contact our help desk and we will turn this on for you.

Don’t have an account yet?
Then you can sign up for our affiliate program using the form below.