Free transfer service

Do you want to switch to Silvasoft? You can! With our free transfer service, we will help you make the switch and ensure that all data is transferred to Silvasoft. This way you can start working immediately without worries and you will not lose any data. Contact us using the form on the right so we can arrange this for you!


  • Carefree switching
  • All your data is retained
  • Arranged within a few working days

What can we do for you?

Below you can read about all the options when transferring your accounting to Silvasoft.

Import audit file
Many accounting solutions offer the ability to export your entire records. This is done through an audit file. If your current accounting solution offers this option, we can easily import all entries from all fiscal years, general ledger accounts and relations into Silvasoft. Therefore, check with your current accounting solution to see if this option is offered or contact us so that we can find out for you!

Enter opening balance sheet
Does your current accounting solution not offer the ability to export an audit file? No problem! Then we can put all general ledger accounts including balance into Silvasoft for you. This way, you can immediately continue your bookkeeping in Silvasoft.

Import purchase and sales entries via Excel
Would you like to get your historical purchase and sales entries into your accounting records? Then we can import them for you. This option is only available if you do not have an audit file. By the way, this option is not necessary to switch over with your accounting. Importing an opening balance is sufficient, as long as you keep your historical entries.

We can import all your relations (businesses and individuals) into Silvasoft if you provide them in an Excel file. It is also possible to update information at existing relations in Silvasoft.
We can import all your products and associated inventory into Silvasoft if you provide them in an Excel file. It is also possible to update information with existing products.
Do you have an overview of all your tasks in an Excel file? We can import it for you so that all tasks become visible in your ‘Tasks & Calendar’ overview.
Want help creating your invoice design, quotation design, packing slip design or order design? We can take care of this for you. Provide all your requirements and designs (possibly your letterhead and/or logo) using the form to the right and we’ll get to work for you!

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